The Halos Story


I never felt like I worked because I loved my career in personal development; it was more like play. These days I’ve been enjoying retirement "playing" with projects that inspire me.

One such project sprung from my morning "centering," which I try to do daily. I am far from perfect. That's why I have to keep at it!

I had an idea one morning that came more quickly and clearly than anything I had ever experienced before.

It came in a flash . . . the title (Halos), the story, and a rough idea of how the illustrations should look.

I envisioned a hardcover gift book for kids and wise adults but with no words, only stick figure drawings that told the story. But there was a big gap between what I saw in my mind's eye and the detail of final drawings.

My daughter, Catie, who is talented in so many areas, volunteered to help me by doing the illustrations. She immediately understood and embraced the concept and was genuinely excited about the idea. Working on this book with her has been one of the great joys of my life. 

Halos is a story that offers a simple path to peace and happiness. Because it has no words, only simple drawings, its message can be understood by almost everyone, no matter which language they speak. 

Whether you've received it as a gift, have it on your coffee table, or just stopped by to learn more about it, thank you for letting me share our book with you.

Many blessings,

Gary Chappell