What People Are Saying About Halos

"[Halos] takes the saying, 'a picture is worth a thousand words' to an entirely new level. I shared my copy with some friends and strangers the first night I got it, and their reactions were all similar. Each closed the book, smiled, and smiled some more. Halos is a ‘one of a kind’ that should be shared with all mankind."

– Courtney Mudd

"I loved the simplicity, the subtle persuasion, the ease of sudden understanding without words, and the transfer of love through simple art. It's a thinking person's guide to the peace within. And now I, too, have a halo. Thank you, and your daughter. Well done."

– Best selling author and speaker, Joe Vitale

"Halos is a totally charming and unique book that will teach a priceless life lesson no matter what your age or even what language you speak! ENJOY!"

– Vic Conant, Chairman, Nightingale Conant

"Halos' message is timeless. The characters' perspectives and choices are a valuable lesson in living for anyone, young or old."

– Steven Lammers